Shoutout to LGBTQ* writers, WE NEED YOU!!!

So, as you know. I am working with Shaun of CEA Publishing doing various short story collections. Currently working on Within The Pride, the LGBTQ* collection. Which given the current climate, I think we can all agree, is an important thing to be promoting.

I am working on a very angsty piece, a deep, dark, ‘it gets better’ storyline. Promoting suicide and mental health awareness in The Community, as something our youth can use as a means of support during difficult times. I have posted some snippets already, more will be coming soon.

However, we find ourselves in need of a few more writers to fill the collection. The deadline is going to be extended from the 31st August current deadline. If anyone is interested in this, or any of the collections. Please, contact me, or Shaun via CEA or Pulse Entertainment pages.

Much Love


Of Twisted Fairy Tales and a two Prince love story.

As always, working my ass off on my deadlines for the amazing CEA Publishing. This time:

Beyond the Hallowed Volume 1 (Halloween) Due out on Halloween.


Well, I have shared you a little of this story before. I am glad to say it is now, COMPLETE and with my beta readers. Already receiving rave reviews.


It’s different, it’s unusual, it’s quirky and it’s absolutely and completely brilliant! – from Naomi

Has been likened to the Discworld series and very likely to spawn off a short story collection of twisted fairy tales 2018/2019 depending on commitments.

The idea is that villains are not always what they seem. That evil is only evil from a  certain point of view.

“Prince Harold at yours.” I also bowed my head, “You are not what I expected of an evil prince.”

“Perhaps evil is in the eye of the beholder. A cat and a bird both make good pets to man. However, to a bird, a cat is evil. To a cat, perhaps a dog is evil. Yet to humans, they are all companions to be tamed.Do you understand?” he asked.


Oh yes, did I say that this features one of the first M/M two Prince love story in fairy tales? This has a happy ever after that will thrill the LGBT+ community. For those of you who are unsure at the pairing, there are no in depth sex scenes. Just a sweet, touching love story.

I really can’t wait to show it to you all come Halloween 🙂



Of Contracts and new commitments

Well, a mixed bag to report today.


Firstly, the charity collection I was due to be in Nov 2017. Will not longer be going forward with my assistance. Creative differences made it impossible to do so, I will not sacrifice my craft for anyone. However, from talking to CEA. I am looking at putting out my OWN LGBTQ charity book, Nov/Dec this year if I get time. If not, it will hit early Jan.  Charity to be confirmed as yet. Thankfully neither piece I created for the lost collection will be wasted, as CEA has accepted both with only minor changes 🙂


Secondly. CEA has come to me with a wonderful opportunity.  Shaun has been accepted for a bid at the Guinness Book of Records, for the largest short story collection. He has asked me to be a part of this, which I am super excited for! He needs 100 writers and 1000 sales to get in the book!!! Submissions must be 3/8k and completely original to this collection. AKA, no republishing elsewhere. They can be in any genre, deadline end of August.

If you want to help out, the details will be constantly updating on Pulse and CEA websites. The starter information can be found on the link below.

HERE WE GO!!!! 🙂



Shoutout to all the LGBTQ Community members in the entertainment world.

As most of you should know by now, I am gay. Well technically bisexual, but I prefer the term gay or ‘in the community’. I’ve only been out five years, and only the last 18 months or so started to get really comfortable with being who I really am. After a lot of help from a very close person to me, called Adam.

When I first came out, we were moving towards a better place. Marriage was legal in all 50 states. People were starting to come around to the idea that we were welcome and acceptable. Yes, there were still some hate crimes. Yet it felt like we were turning the corner on hate. To a place where we could finally stop being ‘Outlaws of Love’ in the words of the great Mr Lambert.

Until we lost a great battle to hate when a certain person was elected to be a world leader late last year. Rights started to be reversed, hate crimes doubled if not more. Trans people being killed at an alarming rate. Even in my little sleepy English town, I found myself called the ‘f’ word for the very first time for daring to go out the house in a pride shirt. I talk to my friends in America, and I hear about so many attacks. So many people being treated like they are nothing. Its like WW2 all over again.

It’s time we stood together and did something about it.

Some of you know, I also own a small inde entertainment site:

Through it, I want to bring this issues to light. I want actors, singers, writers, authors, bands, directors, game makers. I don’t mind, as long as you are in ‘The Community’. I want to hear how this is affecting you personally. Your career. Your life. Your families. Then I will publish it in a series of articles. I don’t mind if you want to do this anon, I could understand if you feel it would put you in more danger to speak out under your own name. We can find you a pen name.

Come find me, here, on my twitter (@wickedwitchgal), my facebook (sarah beth james) or via pulse social networks. I don’t mind. Come, tell me your stories. Let’s start to make a difference.

You are important.

You are valid.

You do matter.

I love you all!


CEA: Past Your Reality Launches TODAY!

My first collection with CEA Publishing has launched today!

The first part of my story: Carnival of Fear is published in this volume and will continue over future releases of Past Your Reality. As we watch Suzanne Silvergroom struggle to put together the pieces of her fractured past, struggling with her identity and ideas of what is real. During her first undercover operation, trying to locate a serial killer. What she finds at the Carnival is much weirder than just a few murders.

See the Prologue below:


What if monsters walked among us?

What if you had met more than one and never even known about it?

What if there were as many monsters as humans walking this Earth?

Oh you think you would’ve noticed them huh? I mean, big, scaly, green monsters with horns are easy to see right? What if you had seen them, really seen them and never once realised what you had looked at?

How many times did you see monsters on tv or in the movies? How many times did you see a production of Dracula? Plenty of monsters to be seen there. Oh, but that is just Hollywood right? Makeup, special effects, monster paint, scripts and lines. Tell yourself whatever story it takes to help you sleep at night love!

Fables, fairy stories, nightmares: They all once had a basis in fact. A race memory from times before, watered down generation after generation as the stories are retold until a warning becomes nothing more than a story to frighten your children into behaving. How else would it trigger off suchana instinctual fear in your bones when you read a story about it? Or when you thought you saw something in the darkness that might attack you? The ghost stories that send chills up your spine, they had to be based on something. A memory that you aren’t even aware that you retain. A little trigger to push you the right way if you see something that you shouldn’t. A little safety procedure to keep you alive and breathing when odd things happened. Something that the mortal brain couldn’t process or handle.

I’m not saying every monster in stage and screen is real, that would be silly. Maybe 6/10 are. More than you thought? Well, where else do you hide but in plain sight? A traveling theatre company never stays in one place for long. No one sees you often enough or for long enough to notice that you never age. The bodies won’t appear until long after you are out of town by the time the authorities find them. There is nothing to trace it back to you. No  one will notice a group that appear for a day or two, and then vanish in the night. Just like all the murderers that hide as postmen or paper boys or milk men or delivery drivers. The kind of people you see every single day, so you don’t pay attention to them or react to them. I doubt you even remember you walked past them, am I right?

I see that you are still not convinced by my little tale yet. Well, neither was I a year ago. I was just doing my job, investigating a string of murders. Looking into leads trying to see if we had  a serial killer or a copycat murderer on the run. I just wanted a way to make a name for myself, to get onto active crimes instead of cold cases. To be something other than the rookie kid. When I first walked into that cheap ass carni act, with peeling paint and a smell of rust and decay I fully expected to ask a few questions and walk away. File my report in the morning, and carry on searching for a solution to this puzzle before any more bodies turned up.

I wasn’t prepared for what I would find once I had started to look. I couldn’t have foretold how it would change my life forever. Or that what I would uncover would turn out to be far bigger than a serial killer. When I walked through that gate for the first time, I was human. I didn’t walk out that way, I was lucky to walk out at all.

You might not believe in monsters, but I certainly do.

They nearly killed me.

Read the exclusive first review:

Purchase here:

CEA Publications: short story teasers for 2017 Part one: LGBT.

Well, yesterday I revealed that I was working with CEA Publications with a series of short stories to be released between now and the end of the year.

Perhaps you would all like a little hint of what is to come?

Within The Pride V1: Til My Dying Day.

Once upon a time, I thought it was bad enough being called freak, fag, bender, queer, cock sucker as I walked the halls. Once I had thought that being beaten up every lunch break for being gay was the worst thing that could ever happen to me in my life. That the lack of acceptance for my sexuality was the single worst defining moment of my high school life. What a fool I was. So young, so naive, so childish, so self-absorbed to think my sexuality was such a big deal to people. There was a far worse state of bullying waiting for me in my future, my very close future. Something that would break me, cut me deeper than anything I had ever known.


That summer, I had hoped the bullies would forget about me. That when I came back for the autumn term, they would have found a new kid to pick on. I wasn’t so lucky, the first day of school I had been dragged behind the bleachers of the football field to have the shit kicked out of me. Fag written across any bare inch of skin in permanent markers. They had beaten and left me there as they went back from lunch. Unable to move I had laid there until the after school cheer practice when one of the cheerleaders had noticed my sneaker sticking out from under one of the seats. They had pulled me out and called their coach. I remembered none of that, I just remembered waking up in a hospital.


Internal bleeding, bruising, cracked ribs, a broken arm. I wasn’t a pretty sight. Everything hurt when I breathed, and tbh even when I didn’t.


Til My Dying Day, will take you through the journey of a young man trying to accept his sexuality, fighting back against homophobia, and find true love.

Welcome to my new writing partnership with CEA Publishing!!

For weeks I have been saying exciting news was coming and here it is:

The amazing Shaun of CEA Publishing asked me to submit a short story for his Fantasy collection. Which lead me off on a Carnival of Fear idea. Serial killers, Death, Hades, wizards, vampires, and thousands of bodies located. Has started off on an adventure which will be continuing over several editions of the Fantasy collection. The first of which is pre-ordering now!

You can read the very first review of the collection, and pre-order at the following link!

If all goes to plan, I will also be writing in the Crime/Thriller, LGBT and Halloween collections this year. As well as a very special edition coming out this Nov which you will hear more about soon.

Shaun has also agreed to republish my Amor and Vampire Legacies series through CEA. So more news on that coming soon.

I am so happy to be working with the amazing team of writers at CEA and so excited to be continuing in so many collections. Thank you so much to Shaun for seeing something in myself and my writing!