Save Me: Free 20th-22nd October.

Gearing up for my first book signing next summer, I have decided to put my debut book in the Amor Vincit Omnia series up for free this weekend. If you like it, please review and share for others.

We follow the journey of Jack, a young confused man. Who after a long-term abusive relationship, finds himself falling into depression, addiction and eventually a Church that convinces him that he can be cured of ‘being gay’ and be happy once more. Slowly Jack finds himself drawn more and more into the world of this church. Wanting to be normal so much, he is even convinced to change who he is. While his close friend Nic tries to rescue him before it is too late. A friend who is completely in love with him, if Jack could just notice him as more than a friend. His happiness is already waiting for him.

Some of my 5-star reviews for this amazing debut:

5.0 out of 5 starsIntense!
on 12 November 2016 – Published on
I cried. I laughed. I yelled at them!! Horrible, beautiful, sad, exciting, angry, amazing. That is Jack and Nic. What an incredible read. Very intimate. When you start this book you lose track of time , getting caught up their world.
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5.0 out of 5 starsA good story
on 19 October 2016 – Published on
Verified Purchase
A good story, that ended, in a cliffhanger. I liked the main characters. it had it a good storyline, and it was well written. I enjoyed it very much.
on 10 March 2016
I devoured this book never put it down to eat or drink. From the beginning I really enjoyed how this story was told but it quickly drags you into the heart of the plot making you care deeply for the characters. I was struck by how much talent and understanding the Author demonstrated for the topic by giving just the right amount of detail to have me fully immersed in the emotional plight. I feel there must be some real life experiences tucked away in this story but that just adds to the beauty of the story telling. I must also mention I particularly appreciated the subtlety with which the sexual encounters were handled. No one should be discouraged from reading this because of the themes in my opinion the book is better for them.

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Love Sarah


Karma: A spooky flash fiction FREE download

On the Halloween theme, after all, it is the spookiest time of the year and my personal favourite holiday. Here is another flash fiction for your delight, as a sample of my work. If you enjoy it or any of my books and free downloads. Please review! The more reviews I get, the more sales and views my work receives.


Enjoy a tale of a ghost seeking her revenge on her ex.


Broken Shards, a teaser of what is to come.

More out for Halloween 2018.


The first release will be a full collection of the LGBTQ friendly Twisted Fairy Tale short story range: Unhappily Ever After. I am seriously looking forward to this hitting. Already working on the second story 🙂


The second release will be a tale of witches and soul eaters. Trapped in a land without magic, the witch has to find a way not only to survive but to save herself from being destroyed.

This was originally written as a flash fiction for my usual amazing beta group: Voices of the Darkly. Love you guys! However, the feedback has been so incredible. A full novella is in planning.

For now, I leave you with a free download of the original flash piece.


New for Halloween! Unhappily Ever After: A Villain’s Tale. Only 99p

After the dissolving of my partnership with CEA due to differences of opinion over the subject matters, I write about. I am now publishing the stories written for that company myself. I will not be discussing the matter with my readers, as I do not feel that it is anyone’s business to why I am not working with their company anymore. I think there is enough out there already from the trolls and haters who surfaced around that time. Including the tech issues, hacking and outright lies that resulted in Pulse being closed for the autumn. Although I do expect that my entertainment site will be up again sometime in the next few months. This is the only press release I will give on this matter, as far as I am concerned it was an unpleasant time of my life which is now over. Onwards and upwards to better things, already several of my works are with other publishing houses. Fingers crossed!

I know I have spoken about my twisted fairy tales series many times in the last few months. As well as how excited I am to be bringing out one of the first twisted fairy tales which revolves around a gay couple. The story has received fantastic praise from its beta readers. I hope to spawn a book of short stories based on this universe October 2018. I have always seen villains in a totally different light to other people. Seeing the flaws, the little pieces of characterisation which make them just human. Sometimes you just need to look at things slightly differently to understand that they are not as evil as you first thought.

For Halloween, this title will be priced at 99p, although it will be going up to £1.99 soon, so grab it while you can!


Peace and Love



Shoutout to LGBTQ* writers, WE NEED YOU!!!

So, as you know. I am working with Shaun of CEA Publishing doing various short story collections. Currently working on Within The Pride, the LGBTQ* collection. Which given the current climate, I think we can all agree, is an important thing to be promoting.

I am working on a very angsty piece, a deep, dark, ‘it gets better’ storyline. Promoting suicide and mental health awareness in The Community, as something our youth can use as a means of support during difficult times. I have posted some snippets already, more will be coming soon.

However, we find ourselves in need of a few more writers to fill the collection. The deadline is going to be extended from the 31st August current deadline. If anyone is interested in this, or any of the collections. Please, contact me, or Shaun via CEA or Pulse Entertainment pages.

Much Love


Of Twisted Fairy Tales and a two Prince love story.

As always, working my ass off on my deadlines for the amazing CEA Publishing. This time:

Beyond the Hallowed Volume 1 (Halloween) Due out on Halloween.


Well, I have shared you a little of this story before. I am glad to say it is now, COMPLETE and with my beta readers. Already receiving rave reviews.


It’s different, it’s unusual, it’s quirky and it’s absolutely and completely brilliant! – from Naomi

Has been likened to the Discworld series and very likely to spawn off a short story collection of twisted fairy tales 2018/2019 depending on commitments.

The idea is that villains are not always what they seem. That evil is only evil from a  certain point of view.

“Prince Harold at yours.” I also bowed my head, “You are not what I expected of an evil prince.”

“Perhaps evil is in the eye of the beholder. A cat and a bird both make good pets to man. However, to a bird, a cat is evil. To a cat, perhaps a dog is evil. Yet to humans, they are all companions to be tamed.Do you understand?” he asked.


Oh yes, did I say that this features one of the first M/M two Prince love story in fairy tales? This has a happy ever after that will thrill the LGBT+ community. For those of you who are unsure at the pairing, there are no in depth sex scenes. Just a sweet, touching love story.

I really can’t wait to show it to you all come Halloween 🙂