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Welcome to a sudden addition to the family. I have been talking about wanting to be in an LGBTQ* charity collection for over a year now, over the weekend with a few new and some older friends. We have come together to create the starting blocks for an ongoing series to raise funds.

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Unhappily Ever After comes to paperback!

Due to overwhelming requests from fans for this little snippet of the new series to come to paperback. I have last week released the very first story in paperback form. The full series will still be coming to paperback and ebook by the end of the year.


For now, enjoy


Flash Fiction: Death’s Kiss

Toying with some ideas on Death for an FB Group Flash Fiction comp. Hope you enjoy. It will be a longer story next year.



Death’s Kiss

The girl who lived (or at least that’s what he called me) the only girl to live through the kiss of Death, possibly the only girl who ever would. How did I meet Death I hear you ask? Well, it certainly wasn’t by dying. Or even by being close to death. I met him through a man, a man that at times I would love.


You, see. I am a witch. Born into a family who has always had the gift. There was a man, one who I was sent to save, but back then. I was still bound. I didn’t know how to use my powers, although now and then they would leak out. The man, he was hurt. I barely knew him, but I couldn’t let him die. He had been attacked, trying to help me. I was being chased by something, he had rescued me. In doing so, he had been wounded. Mortally so.


I had taken him home to my mother, who had given me a lecture over being more careful. Well, I could be if you unbound me. Blasted woman. I felt guilty, even though it wasn’t really my fault. I put out to the cosmos that I was willing to trade, my years for his. Whatever I had to, just let him live. I felt an agreement, to an open ended bargain that I would later pay the price for. Whatever it was, I was grateful as moments later life flowed back into the man. I had done my part, as I watched my mother brag of her skills.


After that day, a mysterious tutor came to me. Dressed in dark clothes, looking timeless yet still young at the same time. It took me months of sitting cross legged on my bed as the man helped to unpeel the bindings on my body. As he gave me advice on basic spells, literally the 101 of protection charms. Sometimes he would ask me to do him favours. Small things, pass a message, do a crystal charm, go somewhere and wait for him.


Over time, we became friendly. One day, I suddenly realised I had never asked his name. Nor had he ever given me one. He noticed my distraction, asked me what I thought of. I asked his name, and he smiled like he had been waiting for it. He rattled off a number of names, He who walks forever, He who is ever living, the master of eternity among others. I didn’t really understand, although there was something about one of them that caught at me. I could feel the cogs turning in my head as I looked straight into his eyes and asked the question that would change my life. “Are you trying to tell me that you are the Grim Reaper?”


I felt him sigh. “Yes, that is one of my names certainly.” His grip on my hands tightened as I processed this, “Please, try not to have a heart attack my dear. It is most troublesome to have to keep bringing people back.”


“Heart attack?!” I screamed, “Heart attack? This is frigging amazing! I am holding hands with the Grim Reaper!!! This is so cool!!”


He stared at me, seemingly at a loss for words. Long moments later he did eventually manage to speak. “That is an answer I have never had before. In an existence as long as mine, it is hard to find a reaction that is a surprise to me.”


We became friends, I used to call him Joe after that romance film. I even asked him once if he had anything to do with the movie. He didn’t deny it exactly, just made comments a few people had longer candle lives then they had before the film had been made.


The day he gave me the kiss was the most surprising of them all. The man I had once saved and my mother were bartering for the life of a soul. One who had done wrong, but it wasn’t his fault. Joe was the judge over if the soul would live or die. The others knew nothing of our ‘friendship’. He looked over at me and asked me what I thought of the matter. I gave a speech, long winded perhaps. I pointed out that the lack of obedience of the soul was due to the fact the upper powers had allowed it to bond with a human, giving it that little hint of questioning everything. If that allowed bond had made it the way it now was, then surely that was the mistake of the upper beings to allow it to happen in the first place. Therefore the creature could not be blamed for something that was now in its nature because of that. Which means, he should live and be allowed to fully explore who and what he now was.


I waited while the verdict was given. In the favour of the soul to live, due to my testimony alone. A moment after this was when the kiss happened. It wasn’t much, just a brush of lips against my forehead. “My lady, no one survives my kiss. However, tonight, you deserve to.”

Happy 2018! Free book giveaway 5th and 6th Jan 2018.

What a rollercoaster of a year!

Book promo, contracts, changing contracts, new short stories coming out, getting to number 15 on the best sellers list for Unhappily Ever After. Haters, hackers and fake writing competitions and publishing companies.

I think we can all say that 2017 wasn’t the greatest of years.

What does 2018 hold?

Well, for a start I should be confirming a stall at Stockport (England) Pride in the next few months. The will be several new releases in spring, as detailed in the interview I posted just before Christmas.

I also will be removing my books from Kindle Select to branch out on other mediums. Before I do so, to fill those new kindles I know a lot of you have. I will be doing a free 48-hour promotion on all my books on their server. Giving you a chance to explore these fantastic, loved books before the new releases.

Save Me:

We follow the journey of Jack, a young confused man. Who after a long-term abusive relationship, finds himself falling into depression, addiction and eventually a Church that convinces him that he can be cured of ‘being gay’ and be happy once more. Slowly Jack finds himself drawn more and more into the world of this church. Wanting to be normal so much, he is even convinced to change who he is. While his close friend Nic tries to rescue him before it is too late. A friend who is completely in love with him, if Jack could just notice him as more than a friend. His happiness is already waiting for him.Just how far is Nic willing to go to save his friend?
Trigger warnings: Rape, Self Harm, Abuse, Suicide, Addiction.

Can’t Let You Go: 

Alex is a singer, he has spent half his life trying to make it as an artist. Long nights, harsh lifestyle, drink, drugs and rock and roll. Finally, he has made it into the spotlight, where he always wanted to be. Only to find out he has cancer, and barely six months left to live. He needs a miracle. Working on a ‘bucket list’ of last wishes, he does everything he can to support those he loves. Including his best friend Lucy, who he has been in love with since high school. Yet too scared to identify himself as bisexual instead of gay. Worried that if he does, he might lose her friendship and his own identity in the process. With so little time left, can he win her heart?
Trigger warnings: Rape, Self Harm, Abuse, Suicide, Addiction, cancer, hospitals, death.

The Scarlet Drop:

Victoria is a college girl trying to deal with normal young adult problems.
Apart from the fact her ex is a jerk and keeps threatening her.
Apart from the fact she has magical powers she is trying to hide from everyone so she doesn’t get sent back to the mental hospital.
Oh and the fact in her dreams she sees her soulmate, who just happens to be a vampire. Which is fine until the man literally of her dreams walks into her life. A man who really is a vampire. Leading Victoria into a voyage of self discovery of her current and past lives trying to discover who she really is, As well as what is chasing her accross the centuries.
Warnings for rape, abuse, violence, limited sexual contact. 16 plus readers.

a villains tale

Unhappily Ever After:

I swear if I get my door smashed in one more time this week, I will pack up my hovel and move somewhere that Heroes can’t find me! About time an old woman got some peace and quiet.
There, that’s it. All mended now. That is a good piece of spell casting, even if I say so myself. That should keep them out. Now, time for some nettle cake and a foot bath I think. It has been a long day.
“Open up you evil old hag, I know you took that child right from her bed last night. Give her back or I will burn you alive in this stinking hovel!”
Here we go again!
A twisted fantasy world, where the villains are not what they seem. Wicked is, as wicked does. From a villain’s POV it is the hero who is the true face of evil. They are just misunderstood people, that are burned at the stake for literally no reason at all. Enter a world where you will see stories from a viewpoint a lot different to most stories. As our young Prince discovers that saving the Princess is not as easy as it seemed when she is determined to be kidnapped as much as possible. Wasting time when he is trying to get his kingdom on track after a great war. Following her across the Kingdom to a dark place beyond the limits of good. To the wicked Prince, a Prince who captivates his heart like no other person ever has.
M/M LGBTQ Friendly fantasy short story.

I hope you enjoy my books if you do please review!! reviews are very important to writers. They gain sales and interest!!!

Have a wonderful, safe New Year’s Eve. See you all in 2018!

Love Sarah

NY Literary Magazine Greatest Story Competition a scam.

I and dozens of others had what they thought was a fantastic gift this Christmas day, to receive an email telling us that we had been nominated for this competition. We could put it on our website to drive sales and that we had a chance of winning. Great huh?

Until you start looking a little closer and find that nowhere does it say what story you were nominated for, nor who by, nothing about a word count or anything about submission guidelines. Then there is the reader fee of £15, which doesn’t seem a lot really. So is it worth it for a chance on a better life for us and our novels?

I posted on writers groups straight away asking about whether or not this was a scam. As researching the magazine, it seemed legit.Even though most of their competitions were fee free. The more I asked, the more people I found caught up in this. Which for all the magazine’s insistence that it is a real competition, and we really have been nominated. Just seemed to get fishier and fisher. See below for evidence gathered by colleagues.


Twitter Evidence

Pay Pal evidence

Sad to think a company could scam people at Christmas of all times. Protect yourself, writers!