NY Literary Magazine Greatest Story Competition a scam.

I and dozens of others had what they thought was a fantastic gift this Christmas day, to receive an email telling us that we had been nominated for this competition. We could put it on our website to drive sales and that we had a chance of winning. Great huh?

Until you start looking a little closer and find that nowhere does it say what story you were nominated for, nor who by, nothing about a word count or anything about submission guidelines. Then there is the reader fee of £15, which doesn’t seem a lot really. So is it worth it for a chance on a better life for us and our novels?

I posted on writers groups straight away asking about whether or not this was a scam. As researching the magazine, it seemed legit.Even though most of their competitions were fee free. The more I asked, the more people I found caught up in this. Which for all the magazine’s insistence that it is a real competition, and we really have been nominated. Just seemed to get fishier and fisher. See below for evidence gathered by colleagues.


Twitter Evidence

Pay Pal evidence

Sad to think a company could scam people at Christmas of all times. Protect yourself, writers!



AMAFeed, a very poor way to promo for authors.

Last Friday, I arranged an AMA with AMAfeed who approached me through a Facebook writers group. I had my reservations given that none of my author friends had heard of them nor used them. My first reaction is, I wonder if this is a con? So many glowing reviews, look rather bot like. Still, at 150k followers, I attempted.

To discover my feed did not get promo through their social networks as it should have when they went live. I had to go to two members of AMA and kick off for nearly an hour until two hours after my story should have gone live it finally did. At a time when no one was online, so it went poorly. I never got the feedback from the member I should have. I waited until today and went to the Facebook page directly. To have a long and unpleasant conversation with a so-called high member of staff who doesn’t so much as give a name. To basically not have them interested. Stories to change, aka not all AMA promo through social as too many. When pointed out your website says otherwise, backtracked and told human error. Then basically be told when I say I think a second AMA will just be screwed up again, that I have attitude, to be refused it and then blocked from the company page so I can not even give a poor review! The customer is always right, the last thing you do with an angry client is to be rude to them and then block them! You offer to set up a fresh product and make sure it works!!

Full convo is posted below from their facebook page.

A very annoyed, Sarah

I gained an invite. Two actually to host an AMA with you. I did on Friday. It was not promo on your social networks. I complained amd eventually it got put out there two hours after it was due to start, putting it live at a time most people wouldn’t be online. Wasting my efforts. I was told that they would speak to social team and find out what went wrong. I heard nothing. The session went badly wrong due to your social team not acting.i wasted a lot of time and effort. It is a very bad first impression of your company. I am quiet annoyed. Wondering if the fact i write lgbtq matters that is why i didn’t gain promo.

Hello Sarah
Thank you for getting in touch and sorry to hear about your experience
I will check your case and get back to you with more details but we do work on promoting as many AMAs as we can and the way they are picked is by the quality of the AMA (so title, topic, image etc) and simply what we can manage to share in any given day without being blacklisted for spamming
as for the LGBT topic we have a whole channel dedicated to it, something not many communities have and have had already some great AMAs on the topic so for sure this is not an issue
My understanding was that my Ama would be promod when it went live. It does say amas get promo on your social accounts.

It was shared yes
Not until i complained amd two hours late. You really aren’t interested in your authors are you? I had my suspicions it was a con
If you are so u interested on resolving this amd making sure a fresh ama works. Shall just leave a one star review telling authors the truth and promo your bad attitude and unprofessional company on my website and author pages?
Sarah, I am really sorry for your experience, we have a lot of AMAs and yours must have slipped through, we took measures and shared as soon as we were notified of the issue. Our authors channel is actually one of the busiest exactly for that reason – because we care about authors, we have over 3000 channels and are opening them in stages so going for the one for authors was a choice we made as it corresponds to our love for reading and writing which is at the core of the platform as a whole (we don’t do video if you have noticed, it is all about people who like to read). We are just completing an article for our blog based on authors AMAs with advice collected from their AMAs and working on a number of other ways to help and promote authors.
We have humans working in the company, working very hard as people do in any startup and people make mistakes.
We have done our best to correct it and have been nothing but open and honest all the way along.
You are welcome to leave whatever review you feel.
You have not once fed back to me why the error happened. Said sorry. Or said that you will make effort to make sure it won’t happen to me again. That is not doing your best to correct the issue. Or the hours of my wasted effort. You do not even seem interested.
We shared your AMA immediately Sarah and I personally apologised on behalf of the company twice in this chat.
I explained why it has happened above
I have nothing to add to this
Have a great evening
Very well. Thank you for your lack of resolving my issue or helping to create one that will work.this time
It was two hours before you shared.
Where did I say you can not/should not create another one?
we are an international team Sarah, you mention you have an issue, someone has to pick the message and pass it to the relevant team to act
2hr is not a long time
I am happy to work with you on another AMA but would not accept “lack of resolving” as something you have seen by anyone from this company so far. You got a response, an apology and action.
It is when it makes an 8am usa black friday, 1pm uk time 10am amd 3pm. When no one is online.
Fine. I do another ama and when that gets messed up again by yoir company. I will publish this convo and what happened on every author page i am.on
No, please don’t. Not with that attitude. You can go and publish that conversation as it is now.
Without posting another AMA.
We acted immediately, had you asked for specific time to share we would have followed that, we shared as soon as the message got to the relevant team member.
You then got all my attention here, I am the marketing director of the company, not anyone, I deal with complaints exactly for that reason, because we care.
I apologized more than once and offered solutions.
And you came back with attitude of “when that gets messed up by your company”.
No, thank you.
Please have the dignity to post the whole conversation as is, word to word from beginning to end.
I will sign it anytime.
Very well. Good day

Have a great day too!

Seen by AMAfeed at 22:08


Ask Me Anything event Friday

The kind people at AMA, have asked me to host an AMA event. Which I am very pleased to say I am doing so this Friday.

You have nearly 4 days to think about and upload your questions. Which you can do from now, ready for me on Friday. There are links to my work, as well as my currently free productions to give you a feel for my writing.

Look forward to reading all your questions soon!

love Sarah


When Angels Mourn: spoiler warning.

As I haven’t shared anything with you all for a while, I thought today I will show you a piece form an upcoming book about Old Gods and fallen angels.


Love Sarah


Edmond placed his tribute on the alter, “My Goddess, I know I am nothing but a worthless demon. I know you have no reason at all to answer my call. Yet I hope that you will. I have lost Alyssa, the love of my life. She has grown cold, harden to this life. I need her to exist again, be herself. The loving sweet woman I remember. I need her to know who I am. Please, help me.”

He paused waiting, hoping for some sort of reaction. Something, anything really, a sign that they had some hope. Not really knowing what to expect even if he gained a sign. It had been centuries since he prayed to any form of deity, yet alone an Old One that might not even be awake. Even the last time he had asked for guidance, he had been ignored. That was one of the reasons he had been moving away from Unity for some time now. The fact they never listened, never answered their servants. Never even taking interest in the bigger picture of life, or its people.

Edmund had a feeling that answers sometimes took a while or perhaps he was just trying to hold on to a shred of hope a little while longer. He sat on the floor by the alter to wait. Taking her necklace from around his throat, popping it open to look at her portrait. “Alyssa, I need you beloved.” He mumbled to himself. Exhausted he closed his eyes. He hadn’t slept in a week, or maybe longer. The temptation to rest a few moments here was just too strong.

He didn’t know how much time had passed, but when his bleary eyes reopened it was dark outside. Edmond yawned, stretching lazily. For a moment he felt at peace, like Alyssa was with him. Before the feeling passed again, bringing the reality of his situation crashing back down on him. He wasn’t alone this time, a beautiful woman was stood over him. Dark hair cropped short around her face, jeans with a button down denim shirt. “Feeling better for you little nap sugar?” she asked.

Edmond rubbed his eyes, “Typical, I come looking for a Goddess and end up with some Southern Comfort.”

“O, I’m not Goddess enough for you?” she asked dryly, “What me to be 50 foot high? Wear a crown? All that showboat bull crap the others use? I’d rather pool my energies into the only thing that really matters, true love!”

“Shouldn’t you be a leggy blonde, with clam shells and all that shit?” he countered.

Aphrodite sighed changing to the stereotypical appearance, picking at the blonde curls as they got in her eyes. “Whatever floats your boat sugar, this is your fantasy not mine. Yet perhaps this frame suits your tastes better?” she asked, swapping into the red haired slender form of Alyssa. In that stunning black gown she had worn the very first time they had met.

Edmond swallowed a few times, trying to deal with the image in front of him before casting his eyes to the ground. “Please stop, you made your point. I apologise.” He said quietly.

Aphrodite nodded, dropping back to her original form. “Ya know sugar, exhausting yourself isn’t helping the girl any. Nor is coming on so strong. She is scared of you. Even after drinking the water of the dead, her body knows that you are an impossibility. The fact that you can’t exist, makes you not exist in her eyes.”

“Then what do I do to get her back? I will do anything. Just please, my lady. Make me what Alyssa needs.” He begged.

“Are you sure that is exactly what you want? To be what Alyssa needs?” she asked.

“Anything, please.”

She smiled devilishly at him. “Be careful what you wish for sugar.” Blowing him a kiss.

The next thing Edmund knew, he was waking up on the floor of the temple and she was gone. He groaned, his whole body hurt. His head pounded like he had been drinking for a month without stopping. He was shaky, looking around trying to get his bearings back. His head was muzzy, odd, there was no other way to describe it. Something was different, he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. He felt strange, not as he should be.

Then it hit him, two mounds on the front of his chest reshaping his shirt. “What the hell?” he demanded, ripping it off to show a bra underneath that was very much filled with womanly things. “I have breasts? Fucking tits? What the hell do I want with these?” He grabbed a plate from the alter to turn over and use as a sort of mirror. Gone was his boyish charm, in its place was a buxom woman’s appearance. Dark curls framing her face, rich lips, deep set eyes. Very attractive actually, if it wasn’t his body!

“Fucking breasts!” he exclaimed touching them to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. Then a terrifying thought crossed his mind. Slipping a hand between his legs….. Something was missing. Edmund screamed, this was a nightmare pure and simple. She was torturing him for his rash actions! “Aphrodite you whore, what did you do to me? Where is my fucking dick?” he demanded.

“You asked for what Alyssa needed.” She said coolly, appearing behind him.

“Yes I did! A spell, a talisman, a fucking potion. Not this!” he exclaimed, “What the hell do you expect me to do without a dick? With these disgusting growths on my chest?”

“To stop trying to screw her for a start.” She snapped, “A woman needs more than a good lay. Figure it out moron or lose her.” She vanished muttering about demons spurning the gifts of the Gods.