This book brings in two brand new characters, which will become very important as the series goes on.

Alex is a famous singer, he discovers he has just six months to live, his rock and roll lifestyle has left him with terminal cancer. Before he dies he wants to make sure all those he loves are taken care of. Including the girl he loved since high school, and who loves him in return. The only problem is that Lucy thinks he is gay. Because for all their years of friendship, that’s exactly what he told her.

How Alex has to find a way to prove to Lucy that he really does love her. While trying to hide his progressing fatal illness. As well as trying to finally come to terms with his own bisexuality to give her the life she deserves. Even worse, he worries is it cruel to do this to Lucy knowing that in a very short amount of time, she will have to live without him.

This book hit 199th on the gay fiction bestsellers list within its first month.


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