Jack is a young gay man with a miserable past. His Mother died when he was little, his Father doesn’t really care about him. He went through high school alone apart from his theatre friends, wanting to kill himself. Until he met his childhood sweetheart Stephen and then everything started to go right in his life.

Until they both went to college in New York, planned their wedding and slowly drifted apart. Until Jack found out he was being cheated on, a chokehold relationship full of abuse later they break up. Jack is so heart broken he turns to drink and drugs to survive. In the end finding himself in a gay-hate church being taught how to pray away his gay feelings!

Jack turns straight, tries to uphold the church laws until old friend Nicolas finds out and starts to do everything he can to return Jack to his ‘true self’. Break the conditioning from the cultish church.

This is a highly dark, deep storyline, looking into rape, abuse, husband beating, drug and drink addictions, gay conversion therapy. Highlighting all the craziness that we all go through with coming out.

This story is based loosely on true events that have happened to myself and other gay friends. I want to show that everyone gets screwed up in love no matter what your orientation is. But together, life does get better. So don’t hurt yourself, don’t suicide, you CAN and WILL survive the pain.


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