As always, working my ass off on my deadlines for the amazing CEA Publishing. This time:

Beyond the Hallowed Volume 1 (Halloween) Due out on Halloween.


Well, I have shared you a little of this story before. I am glad to say it is now, COMPLETE and with my beta readers. Already receiving rave reviews.


It’s different, it’s unusual, it’s quirky and it’s absolutely and completely brilliant! – from Naomi

Has been likened to the Discworld series and very likely to spawn off a short story collection of twisted fairy tales 2018/2019 depending on commitments.

The idea is that villains are not always what they seem. That evil is only evil from a  certain point of view.

“Prince Harold at yours.” I also bowed my head, “You are not what I expected of an evil prince.”

“Perhaps evil is in the eye of the beholder. A cat and a bird both make good pets to man. However, to a bird, a cat is evil. To a cat, perhaps a dog is evil. Yet to humans, they are all companions to be tamed.Do you understand?” he asked.


Oh yes, did I say that this features one of the first M/M two Prince love story in fairy tales? This has a happy ever after that will thrill the LGBT+ community. For those of you who are unsure at the pairing, there are no in depth sex scenes. Just a sweet, touching love story.

I really can’t wait to show it to you all come Halloween 🙂




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