As most of you should know by now, I am gay. Well technically bisexual, but I prefer the term gay or ‘in the community’. I’ve only been out five years, and only the last 18 months or so started to get really comfortable with being who I really am. After a lot of help from a very close person to me, called Adam.

When I first came out, we were moving towards a better place. Marriage was legal in all 50 states. People were starting to come around to the idea that we were welcome and acceptable. Yes, there were still some hate crimes. Yet it felt like we were turning the corner on hate. To a place where we could finally stop being ‘Outlaws of Love’ in the words of the great Mr Lambert.

Until we lost a great battle to hate when a certain person was elected to be a world leader late last year. Rights started to be reversed, hate crimes doubled if not more. Trans people being killed at an alarming rate. Even in my little sleepy English town, I found myself called the ‘f’ word for the very first time for daring to go out the house in a pride shirt. I talk to my friends in America, and I hear about so many attacks. So many people being treated like they are nothing. Its like WW2 all over again.

It’s time we stood together and did something about it.

Some of you know, I also own a small inde entertainment site:

Through it, I want to bring this issues to light. I want actors, singers, writers, authors, bands, directors, game makers. I don’t mind, as long as you are in ‘The Community’. I want to hear how this is affecting you personally. Your career. Your life. Your families. Then I will publish it in a series of articles. I don’t mind if you want to do this anon, I could understand if you feel it would put you in more danger to speak out under your own name. We can find you a pen name.

Come find me, here, on my twitter (@wickedwitchgal), my facebook (sarah beth james) or via pulse social networks. I don’t mind. Come, tell me your stories. Let’s start to make a difference.

You are important.

You are valid.

You do matter.

I love you all!



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