My first collection with CEA Publishing has launched today!

The first part of my story: Carnival of Fear is published in this volume and will continue over future releases of Past Your Reality. As we watch Suzanne Silvergroom struggle to put together the pieces of her fractured past, struggling with her identity and ideas of what is real. During her first undercover operation, trying to locate a serial killer. What she finds at the Carnival is much weirder than just a few murders.

See the Prologue below:


What if monsters walked among us?

What if you had met more than one and never even known about it?

What if there were as many monsters as humans walking this Earth?

Oh you think you would’ve noticed them huh? I mean, big, scaly, green monsters with horns are easy to see right? What if you had seen them, really seen them and never once realised what you had looked at?

How many times did you see monsters on tv or in the movies? How many times did you see a production of Dracula? Plenty of monsters to be seen there. Oh, but that is just Hollywood right? Makeup, special effects, monster paint, scripts and lines. Tell yourself whatever story it takes to help you sleep at night love!

Fables, fairy stories, nightmares: They all once had a basis in fact. A race memory from times before, watered down generation after generation as the stories are retold until a warning becomes nothing more than a story to frighten your children into behaving. How else would it trigger off suchana instinctual fear in your bones when you read a story about it? Or when you thought you saw something in the darkness that might attack you? The ghost stories that send chills up your spine, they had to be based on something. A memory that you aren’t even aware that you retain. A little trigger to push you the right way if you see something that you shouldn’t. A little safety procedure to keep you alive and breathing when odd things happened. Something that the mortal brain couldn’t process or handle.

I’m not saying every monster in stage and screen is real, that would be silly. Maybe 6/10 are. More than you thought? Well, where else do you hide but in plain sight? A traveling theatre company never stays in one place for long. No one sees you often enough or for long enough to notice that you never age. The bodies won’t appear until long after you are out of town by the time the authorities find them. There is nothing to trace it back to you. No  one will notice a group that appear for a day or two, and then vanish in the night. Just like all the murderers that hide as postmen or paper boys or milk men or delivery drivers. The kind of people you see every single day, so you don’t pay attention to them or react to them. I doubt you even remember you walked past them, am I right?

I see that you are still not convinced by my little tale yet. Well, neither was I a year ago. I was just doing my job, investigating a string of murders. Looking into leads trying to see if we had  a serial killer or a copycat murderer on the run. I just wanted a way to make a name for myself, to get onto active crimes instead of cold cases. To be something other than the rookie kid. When I first walked into that cheap ass carni act, with peeling paint and a smell of rust and decay I fully expected to ask a few questions and walk away. File my report in the morning, and carry on searching for a solution to this puzzle before any more bodies turned up.

I wasn’t prepared for what I would find once I had started to look. I couldn’t have foretold how it would change my life forever. Or that what I would uncover would turn out to be far bigger than a serial killer. When I walked through that gate for the first time, I was human. I didn’t walk out that way, I was lucky to walk out at all.

You might not believe in monsters, but I certainly do.

They nearly killed me.

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